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Mobile IV Therapy Minneapolis MN – Try It Today in MN

Are you tired of waiting in the doctor’s office?

Regular IV therapy appointments are time consuming and boring.

Wouldn’t you rather be able to have your IV therapy brought to you in the comfort of your own home, or even at your place of work?

With Mobile IV Therapy, Minneapolis MN can now enjoy these conveniences for their next infusion.

What is a Mobile IV?

Mobile IV therapy is a revolutionary form of care that allows you to stay at home or at your place for business to receive medicated or vitamin-infused, hydrating IV therapy.

Patients can receive hydrating infusions, or have beneficial vitamins and minerals included with the infusion to promote a sense of wellbeing and regain energy after a difficult day, or help encourage and healthy, fast recovery from ailments.

Wellness has never been so convenient for Minneapolis residents. Book your appointment today or get in touch with our staff to learn more about mobile IV therapy options.

What Vitamins and Minerals Can You Get from IV Therapy?

There is a wide array of options available that allow you to tailor your mobile IV therapy to your needs, whether you are looking to recover from a late night out or encourage healthy recovery from illnesses or medical procedures.

Some of the more popular options for IV therapy drips are vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and B vitamins to promote overall health and wellbeing. Zinc may also be included if the purpose is for fast rehydration.

For faster recovery from athletic performances, some patients prefer drips that include electrolytes, glutathione, and amino acids, while patients concerned about recovering their health may include antioxidants.

Is Mobile IV Safe?

Yes, IV therapy is proven as a safe and effective way to administer vitamins and minerals. Our professionals are trained in administering these infusions safely, helping you receive the treatment you need, all in the comfort of your own home or place of business.

Certain medications have contraindications for minerals and medical drips, so if you take any medications, if you are prone to infections, or have an underlying medical condition that may interfere with your ability to receive IV infusions, consult with your doctor before trying mobile IV therapy.

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Mobile IV Therapy Delivered to You Across Minneapolis

Wherever you are in Minneapolis, our team of professionals are available and can bring the convenience of IV therapy to you.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the comfort of your own home, watching television or reading a book while receiving your infusion.

In some cases, IV therapy infusions can be ordered to your place of work to complete during your lunch break or at your desk if allowed.

What is IV Therapy Used For?

IV therapy is used for a wide variety of reasons, many of which are not medically necessary, but do provide a higher quality of life.

Most commonly, mobile IV therapy is used as a method to counter severe dehydration, to boost recovery from athletic performances, or as a hangover cure after a long night on the town.

These infusions may include some vitamins but are most often infused with electrolytes and amino acids to help the body absorb more water faster, helping the body recover from strenuous activity.

Other popular reasons for using mobile IV therapy include recovering from the cold, flu, or COVID-19 as many vitamins have been proven effective in boosting the immune system and aiding recovery from general illness.

In other cases, certain medical conditions may require that you receive infusions to keep your body healthy, or as a preventative measure for migraines.

This month the FDA approved Vyepti […] administered via an IV to help prevent migraines in those prone to the condition.
- Forbes

Medical infusions should be cleared by your doctor to ensure that you can receive them from a mobile clinic, as some medications may not be available.

How Long Does IV therapy Take?

On average, patients who receive a single drip may need to wait up to 45 minutes for their procedure to be completed once the IV is in place.

Some infusions may take longer, depending on the vitamins and minerals present in the drip bag. Longer infusions may take up to an hour, and rarely up to an hour and a half for the full procedure.

Especially when dehydrated, the body absorbs water and minerals slowly without overwhelming your system, which is why most infusions drip slowly. Many patients feel the results of the infusion quickly, often before the procedure is done.

How Often Should You Do IV Therapy?

For a healthy individual who does not need IV therapy for medical purposes, an infusion one to two-times per month is generally effective at keeping vitamin and mineral levels at the optimal level. Any additional infusions should be kept to a saline or electrolyte drip for rehydration to prevent accumulating too many vitamins and minerals in the system.

For patients who require IV infusions for medical purposes, the recommended frequency should be set per doctor recommendations, as this frequency can vary depending on the medical condition as well as how healthy the individual is.

How Long Do Effects of IV Therapy Last?

It is common for the effects of mobile IV Therapy to be felt quickly once the procedure begins. Often, patients report feeling better before the drip is complete.

How long it takes for these effects to wear off depends on many factors such as type of IV infusion, general health, lifestyle habits, and activity levels.

On average, effects from the drip lead to long-lasting boosts in energy and feelings of wellbeing for several days after the treatment is complete. Other’s report feeling better for several weeks after an IV drip.

Try Mobile IV Therapy Minneapolis MN

With Mobile IV Therapy Minneapolis MN residents can leave the days of waiting for hours in a doctor’s office behind.

Are you ready to experience the convenience and personalized care that comes with mobile IV therapy? Get in touch with our team today to book an appointment and explore drip options.

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